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Many companies are realizing the unique appeal and effectiveness of Travel as an incentive and reward for outstanding employee performance and customer loyalty.

Incentive Travel may be offered for Sales Target Achievement, Customer Loyalty, Employee Performance, Service Longevity, as well as for other incentive and reward programs aimed at motivating the company's human resources, promoting customer retention, and increasing corporate profitability.

Various Incentive Schemes may be offered for group and individual achievers.

Why use Travel instead of Cash Incentives?

  • Travel symbolizes status, prestige and success. While the classic Cash incentives are still appreciated, Travel is often perceived to be of higher value, and thus could be perceived as a more attractive incentive vis-à-vis cash of the same amount as the trip’s cost.

  • Travel offers long-lasting benefits. More often, money is consumed once spent, unless in worthwhile investments, while the experiences and insights gained from Travel linger with the person for many years after the trip.

  • It is one way to promote “Work-Life balance”. Travel affords a refreshing respite from work and everyday stress. When the Travel Award includes a companion of choice, it affords the awardee quality time with the person significant to him. Some parents take this as an opportunity to travel with the whole family, adding personal money only for the children's expenses.

  • It fosters camaraderie and builds loyalty. Group Travel, which sends top-performing managers, employees, salespeople and distributors on trips together, offers people from different departments or branches the chance to interact with each other in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

  • Traveling as a company or team offers more opportunities for open communication that could lead to valuable solutions for issues and concerns that may not be easily discussed in the more structured atmosphere of the office.


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